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To expand the horizon of young people through education, life skills and sports, while promoting self-sufficiency.




The organization will offer the following programs in preparation for achieving our primary goal:


The fundamentals of basketball | Test preparation | Monitoring academic progress | Tutoring | Character/Image development | Life skills | Mental and Physical health | Public speaking | Competition and exposure through | Statewide and National Tournament play


We are a competitive youth basketball program providing opportunities for players (boys and girls) throughout the Greater Atlanta and surrounding areas. We emphasize Education and Life Skills as equal partners to Sports in the development of student athletes. We emphasize skill development in players. While winning is important, we do not feel it should come at the expense of skills development and fair play. We abide by a “Code of Conduct”.


We will make this program fun for players. We want to create an environment of fun through hard work and enthusiasm. While an effort will be made to play every participant, it will not be guaranteed. A player must earn the right by demonstrating proper character and skills in practice. Team goals will be emphasized over the individual.


We recognize that not everyone will be able to afford the fees to be part of “The ATL Selects”. The organization will assist players who need to raise funds for participation. We will work to develop relationships with local schools and recreation centers coaching staffs to leverage and share expertise and to promote the student athlete. In addition to AAU tournaments, we will participate in YBOA and other Youth programs that participate in state and national tournaments. Our goal is to provide MAXIMUM EXPOSURE!




The Atlanta Select Basketball Association is a community based volunteer organization whose purpose is to use youth basketball as a tool to expand the horizon of young people. The primary goal is to successfully prepare young boys and girls, both academically and athletically, for the opportunity to pursue a degree of higher education at the college level.



The Education element of our vision statement has equal status as life skills and sports. The Atlanta Select Basketball Association believes that coaches need to fully support parents and teachers in emphasizing the importance of education for success in life. Our organization has the policy that academics come first.


Each player will be required to submit a current progress report at the beginning of the season. Student-athletes with one failing grade will be placed on probation for three weeks but allowed to practice. If the student-athlete still has a failing grade after three weeks, then he/she will be suspended. Student-athletes with two failing grades at registration will not be allowed to register.


A Mathematics review, ACT/SAT preparation program will be conducted throughout the months of March and April, primarily for 15U, 16U and 17U age groups. These sessions will be held during a period that does not conflict with life skills sessions or basketball practices. They will be conducted prior to or after basketball practices.


The following sessions will be conducted:

Review of Algebra I & II concepts.

Review of Geometry concepts.

Test taking strategies to include a mock SAT test.

Writing an essay.



The Life Skills element of our vision statement has equal status as education and sports. The Atlanta Select Basketball Association believe that a strong need exist to teach certain basic life skills topics to the student-athlete, whereas to better prepare him/her for the challengers of modern society.


During each practice session a life skill topic will be introduced and discussed in a 30 or 60 minute session run concurrently with basketball practice. Guest speakers, trained professionals and/or coaches, using approved lesson plans, will conduct these sessions. Parents are invited to participate.


The topics will be geared toward the appropriate age group with emphasis on the 15U, 16U and 17U age groups. Parental approval is required for the student-athlete’s participation.


The Sports element of our vision statement is basketball. It is the foundation of our program and it is used as the conduit to bring young people into meaningful prospects of life. Through basketball we can stress education and life skills, two elements that are given equal emphasis in the implementation of our overall program. We abide by the basketball rules and regulations of the Amateur Athletics Union (AAU) and other youth organizations that we maintain an affiliation. Our coaches are required by our bylaws to be NCAA certified to coach at major summer events. Our coaches adhere to a “Code of Conduct” that is monitored by the organization’s Board of Directors.


Basketball practices will be conducted in accordance with an established plan. All practices are open to the public. Practices will be conducted normally only on weekends during the school year. Exposure tournaments will be scheduled to allow our players maximum exposure. Exposure tournaments are tournaments where college coaches will be in attendance to evaluate and recruit potential college players. These tournaments will provide our players an opportunity to display their talents. We use basketball, along with education and life skills, to achieve our primary goal. Our goal is to successfully prepare young boys and girls, both academically and athletically, for the opportunity to pursue a degree of higher education at the college level.



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